Kevin Carey

Braking the gravy train »

Kevin Carey wants to call the bluff of bureaucrats

John Lamb

Students pay the price »

John Lamb looks at how disabled students will be affected by the recent cut back in grants

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Tech scores at Blind Euros football games »


Accessible maps, programmes, timetables and audio descriptions set to ensure everyone wins 

Survey of AT research gets a second life »


Department of Health's seven page report is just paying lip service to the law, says researcher Aidan Parr

Make Technology Work for Everyone »


Charity commissions video that explains how to make digital content accessible.

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Cover of  Spring 2014 issue

What's coming in Ability

How are some of the world’s biggest IT companies responding to the needs of disabled people? We ask leading tech companies what they are doing to make their products and services accessible to disabled people. We talk to them about the programmes they have funded to help disabled people access IT and look at examples of how their customers have gone about making sure disabled employees can use the technology they need to do their jobs.

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Suited and booted »

From smart spectacles to caps that pick-up electrical signals from the brain, wearable technology is all the fashion.

Suited and booted

The call of the wild »

Mark Davidson looks at how technology has enabled disabled people to have more exciting vacations.

Jordan Fielder with his Mountain Trike

Phones ring the changes »

Why smartphones rival voice recorders in aiding students and others with specific learning difficulties.

Comments about Ability

I appreciate how proactive the UK is in assistive technology and often refer to the models I see in your magazine when thinking of our inclusion programs in the US. We are a litigation-based society over here and I try my best to help alleviate that, just a little bit, in my school district.  Many thanks! Tina Schwartz, AT Practitioner.

An informative publication. It looks good on screen as an e-Book too. Peter Bryenton, New College Worcester

You certainly put a lot of information into this magazine, which is useful to read. Helen Morrissey, Diversity Advisor, HM Customs and Excise

Autech 2015

A new one-day conference exploring autism, assistive technologies and sensory issues, will be held on Thursday 1 October at Old Trafford in Manchester. 

The conference, Autech 2015, will gather together world-leading experts in robotics, biometrics and cloud-based technology, to explore how people with autism can be better understood, supported and encouraged to live the fullest lives possible. For further information and to book places, please visit

Enable Network conferenceGCC Corporate Diversity forum 2016

We are a founder member of the British Assistive Technology Association 



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