Kevin Carey

Braking the gravy train »

Kevin Carey wants to call the bluff of bureaucrats

John Lamb

Students pay the price »

John Lamb looks at how disabled students will be affected by the recent cut back in grants

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Survey of AT used to access GOV.UK  »


Government in the dark over what tech is used on its portal

Accessibility portal for smaller firms goes live »


Barclays sets up site to help businesses up their game

SensusAccess team has UK unis in its sights »


Danuish document conversion service provides students with accessible study materials

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Cover of  issue 96

What's coming in Ability

The next must -read issue of Ability will focus on vision with a preview of July’s Sight Village, the UK’s premier exhibition of technology for people with sight impairment.  We will also report on the latest developments in Braille technology including new ideas for cheaper displays and a product that integrates  braille with mainstream services. We will also be asking how good a job voice recognition systems do for disabled people.

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The call of the wild »

Mark Davidson looks at how technology has enabled disabled people to have more exciting vacations.

Jordan Fielder with his Mountain Trike

Phones ring the changes »

Why smartphones rival voice recorders in aiding students and others with specific learning difficulties.

Comments about Ability

I appreciate how proactive the UK is in assistive technology and often refer to the models I see in your magazine when thinking of our inclusion programs in the US. We are a litigation-based society over here and I try my best to help alleviate that, just a little bit, in my school district.  Many thanks! Tina Schwartz, AT Practitioner.

An informative publication. It looks good on screen as an e-Book too. Peter Bryenton, New College Worcester

AT Summit, June 8

Delegates to The Future of Assistive Technology Summit and Exhibition at the University of Salford, Manchester. will learn about the issues surrounding AT, its role in increasing inclusivity in employment, education and socialising, and how government, businesses, educators and charities can help to boost use and innovation in this important sector. Ability rate: £199 + VAT.


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